Transforming Hackney

by Chris Sherlock

Transforming Hackney

Transforming Hackney


The place of huge negative press through the years…..

It’s changing however.

With a community passionate about where they come from and willing to help change Hackney for the better – Hackney is heading for a brighter future.

And at the heart of that change is the amazing local staff at the CHILD UK Next Gen Centre on the Guinness Estate.


The Next Gen Centre:

The Next Gen Centre is a place for young people to go. It’s a place designed to provide a platform for these young people to grow, improve and ultimately transform their lives.

With a huge range of activities and opportunities young people can;

  • Have a safe environment to go to
  • Socialise with friends
  • Have access to training & courses
  • Stay active – both physically and mentally
  • Divert their energy to more positive outcomes
  • Build self-belief, confidence and creativity
  • And ultimately have fun

What’s on at The Next Gen Centre?

  • Play Schemes


Every holiday period, The Next Gen Centre have hordes of children come through their doors to take advantage of their Play Scheme.

The Play Scheme, primarily aimed at younger children focuses on providing a safe place for parents to drop their children off during the holidays.

  • Arts & Crafts


Arts & Crafts helps children bond with their peers whilst supporting their creativity.

Ever watched paint dry? – A great way to test a child’s patience!

  • After School Clubs


The afterschool clubs focus on giving young people an alternative place to go once the clock hits 3.30pm.

Sports such as; football, basketball, rounder’s and other multi-sports are favourite.

  • Street Dance


Street Dance has exploded in the last few years and is a great way to get young girls involved in physical activity – a notoriously hard group to positively engage with.

  • PRACTivate for Young Offenders


Living and growing up on the streets develops skills that are highly transferable! The 360 degree Work Experience programme aims to use the skills that young people have developed through being part of and running their own ‘enterprises’ on the streets on a legitimate business model.

You can find out more about the programme here at:

Inspire. Transform. Amaze

The whole community are pulling together to shape Hackney for the future.

Creating, activities for young people to go to in a safe environment where they can have fun, be young and develop their skills in a positive way is what the CHILD UK Next Gen Centre is trying to achieve.

Through the hard work of the staff, the parents and the young people themselves, Hackney is headed towards a brighter future.



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