Preventing Early Sexualisation in Young People

by Chris Sherlock



That’s how many hours are in a week.

If you’re a parent, trying to direct your teenager’s effort, time and energy into something more positive and productive before they enter the ‘real-world’ – you probably don’t feel like that’s enough.

With social media, smartphones, instant messaging, your child is connected to the whole world. And you’re not – sometimes it feels impossible to even engage with them in the first place, let alone direct them.

And while we’re all well aware of the positive and negative effects of social media and all things digital, what if I told you there might be some silent negative effects that are rarely talked about?

Things like;

–          Early sexualisation

–          Emotional Health and Wellbeing issues

–          Substance misuse

–          Self-harming

–          Feelings of isolation


“Would you believe me?”

It happens. And it happens a lot more (and younger) than you think.

We have been told of a 14 year old boy being treated for Porn Addiction at a London Clinic.  We need to help young people understand how pornography and the media are high-jacking their sexuality and misinforming them about what real relationships look like.  They have a skewed perception about their body image too.


Family LivesSo what’s being done about it? Is there support available?

Two community groups in Welwyn Hatfield have teamed together to offer parents and young people workshops and focus groups to help combat the problem.

By approaching other community groups in the area such as schools and youth clubs, CHILD UK and Family Lives are able to engage, mentor and motivate young people in creating positive choices for their future.


Simply Amazing Welwyn Hatfield Partnership Project

Simply Amazing Welwyn Hatfield Partnership Project involves;


  • Healthy sports activities: Used to engage with the young people on a level the know, love and enjoy
  • Training opportunities: To support them in future employment and help sustain the project throughout the area.
  • Mentoring: Throughout the programme and in addition to the sessions to support every young person reaching their true potential
  • TeenBoundaries: This focuses on preventing sexual bullying and promoting positive gender relationships between young people
  • Parent Workshops: To support parents in engaging with their children and them in talking to them regarding any issues that may be going on in their life.


Success in the Area

The programme has already seen some success in the area with young people at a local youth club having seen first-hand how the programme can help.

With almost 40 targeted young people already engaged in the programme and over 18 parents, Welwyn Hatfield is well on its way to a brighter future for both our young people and their families.

How Can You Get Involved?Child-UK-Logo

As a parent, you want to be a role model for your child. You want to give them best start possible. You want to have a positive influence on them. If the Simply Amazing Welwyn Hatfield Partnership Project is something you think would benefit yourself and your child then you can get in contact with us for more information.


CHILD UK: 01707 269 898

Family Lives: 07738 728441 (Ruth Brenner Ungar)


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