Early Intervention (4-7 years)

by Child UK


Our early intervention program is targeted at children aged four to seven and focuses on developing core movement skills. This helps children secure foundations for all movement and learning by creating new neurological connections in the brain.

Targeted at pre-school or early school years, our Essential Early Movement Programme supports children to develop their physical literacy and co-ordination skills. This helps young children improve their reading, writing, behaviour and concentration, giving them a better chance of high achievement in their school life.

Our comprehensive programme includes objective and subjective analyses of progress. CHILD UK provides training for staff and parents to enable the programme to be sustained at a low cost.



Children are engaged in a variety of fun, playful and creative floor based activities. These experiences will improve their learning, attainment, behaviour, concentration and motivation… helping to build strong foundations.

By developing a child’s physical skills they are better placed emotionally and cognitively to fulfill their potential. Evidence shows that this programme better prepares young children for formal learning. Schools that practice developmental movement have seen positive results in academic ability, physical prowess and positive behaviour.

Staff are highly qualified and trained under the SAQ (Speed, Agility Quickness) programme.

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Key elements of the programme:

  1. Developing all seven senses, including balance and proprioception
  2. Introducing the five movement patterns that should be learnt by children
  3. Early Essential Movement Patterns through mat based exercises
  4. Encouraging teachers, parents and carers to learn and apply the methods outside of the sessions


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